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Daughters Gone Wild – Dad Gone Mad

Daughters Gone Wild – Dad Gone Mad

There is nothing as scary for a father as your little daughter turning out to be an escort or to be engaged in sexual activities to make money. We all know how parents are attached to their children; no matter your age, you will remain your parents ‘baby. It is towards this end that most parents want to be involved in every decision that affects the lives of their children even after they are past the age of majority. Most parents always have this idea of the “right” forms of employment that their children should be involved in, therefore some practices are not only considered improper but also not accepted in society.
The adolescent period can be quite a rough patch for both the parent and teenager because at this point children are highly impressionable and without counseling and proper conversations, teenagers can get wrong advice about their sexuality from the wrong sources. With information being easily available thanks to the internet and peer influence teens get unfiltered and most times wrong information about various aspects of sex and regarding their body changes. Using this information they tend to experiment with their bodies and with their peers and if this pattern is not detected and dealt with in its early stage it leads to situations that cannot be contained.
In this article about daughters gone wild, we are going to do a study of what propels ladies into behavior such as prostitution. According to anthropological research, it is recorded that women in their retrogression or rebellious behavior do not turn to criminality but rather to prostitution. Unlike their male counterparts whose form of degeneration is expressed in violent actions and crime, ladies’ deviance is related to their sexuality.
Women have been known to use their attractive looks and sex appeal to the male species this is evident in females’ configuration to use seduction and victimization to attract their clients. What has perpetuated this practice more is the fact that there is an increasing number of males who are willing to indulge in this, whether married or not the clients cut across the board with age not being a major restriction unless legal.
Prostitution is defined as the practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money or some reward. And for this article, we will deal also with other vices that are associated with this such as the selling of nude content and online platforms that propagate sex.
Should the Practice be Made Legal?
With the number of perpetrators steadily rising by the day, prostitution has been termed as the world’s oldest profession and some people are insinuating that it is one of the most lucrative ones the question remains if it should be made legal already. Here are the arguments for legalizing the practice:
1. It is a victimless crime.
Prostitution is based on the context of a business transaction where there is an exchange of money for a service. According to the law if both parties are adults and consent to the act then it does not amount to prostitution unless there is evidence of a form of ‘payment’ made. Victimization only comes in when a client assaults the professional that is to mean if both parties are in agreement to engage in the act without force or coercion then there is nothing illegal about it.
2. Government and Taxes.
In Las Vegas alone it is estimated that in a year the prostitution franchise makes around 25 million dollars which is not taxed and a lot of money has been spent by the government trying to curb the vice. Economically speaking these are expenses that the government can void by making legal the practice and then getting money from taxation, that way the funds collected can be injected into other areas of the economy. This way the government can also reduce the cases of sexual abuse and rape because once regulation is in place that will allow proper channels for reporting perpetrators of sexual assault.
3. Reduced risk of STD Prevalence.
In areas where prostitution is legalized, there is a significant reduction in the number of people who have sexually transmitted diseases because if a person contacts the disease, they would be free to seek medical care and other social services. Legalizing the practice can also ensure that measures are put in place to have the sex workers regularly examined and taught the safe practices of sex to avoid the spreading of venereal diseases.
4. Rights of the Sex Workers.
Sex workers have a right to use their bodies according to their will be it for pleasure or money and it is the government’s job to protect these rights as entrenched in the constitution. According to the law, everyone has a free selection of employment and since the practice is here to stay the government should give them job protection.

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